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Learning to grow with JoJo as her writing has evolved has been hugely rewarding for me. We’ve worked on 3 albums together since 2016, and were in a band together for a brief time before that. JoJo’s drive to make the biggest possible sounding recordings allows for a lot of fun putting all of the pieces of her music together. She’s always been the first to suggest an unconventional idea or say “let’s do something weird,” and seemingly has no limit to her creative energy — we’ve recorded pipe organs in churches, set up a 9’ marimba in a 10’ room, we've scrunched up 2” tape, punched holes in snare drum heads, and recorded loons in the middle of the night.

The DivideJoJo Worthington
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JoJo Worthington - Vocals, Ukulele, Synth, Production
Zach Cockburn - Drums
Will Crann - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Tom Meikle - Electric Guitar
Will Crann - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Philip Shaw Bova - Mastering

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