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Mixing & Production

A selection of tracks & records I've had the pleasure to work on. Credits include production, mixing, and engineering. Click 'More' to see my notes on each project.  

Cam Kahin's 'Try Again' Cover Artwork
Cam Kahin
Try Again

"It’s punchy, aggressive, and yet allows space to breathe with a melodic chorus."   Wonderland Magazine

Sham Family's 'Spitting Image' Cover Artwork
Sham Family
Spitting Image

"Noisy anarchy, footloose guitar licks and the pent up aggression of perpetual failure"   Impact 89FM

Mappe Of's 'Ailynn' Cover Artwork
Mappe Of

"Glitchy and synthy, wistful and wise, engrossing and ethical, familiar and foreign"   Exclaim!

JoJo Worthington's 'The Divide' Cover Artwork
JoJo Worthington
The Divide

"An intimate single with stunning piano lines, soft acoustic guitar riffs, and dreamy, vulnerable vocals"   Indie88

David James Allen's 'Another Day Older' Cover Artwork
David James Allen
Another Day Older

"A sumptuous country-soul foundation complete with strings...the end result almost seems romantic."   The Big Takeover

Peter Serrado's 'Vanity Fool' cover artwork
Peter Serrado
Vanity Fool

"A fiery track...‘Vanity Fool’ features growls and belted vocals that can really shine."   Illustrate Magazine

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