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I hadn’t met Peter before we started working together, but we became fast friends. He sent a few demos and we picked the two songs that were speaking to us most, one of them being Vanity Fool (the other being It Won’t Be Long). I hadn’t had real fun in the studio in a while, and this project just simply felt good to work on. We brought in Zach Cockburn on drums and Stu Weinberg to play guitar and got to just play as a band for a couple days in the studio. Things were done mostly live off the floor, playing in a circle together. That’s Peter’s live vocal take. We had the incredible Jesse O’Brien play Hammond B3, Bernadette Connors did some background vocals, and Stu laid down that guitar solo, and that’s about it!

Vanity FoolPeter Serrado
00:00 / 03:13


Peter Serrado - Vocal, Acoustic
Will Crann - Bass, Percussion
Zach Cockburn - Drums
Stu Weinberg - Guitar
Jesse O’Brien - Organ
Reno Silva - Guitar
Will Crann - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Philip Shaw Bova - Mastering

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