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Tom and I started collaborating in our college band Komorebi (with JoJo Worthington!). I worked on some of his other bands' recordings and we had been talking about how to approach his solo album for a while. This album is intricate, dense. It’s a conceptual folk(?) record about a fantastical realm 20,000 years in the future — just go read about it on his website. We put together a large crew of collaborators and spent 8 days at The Bathouse (The Hip’s studio near Kingston) constructing the bulk of the record. Tom’s attention to detail is like none other, so having to match that to make sure we got everything done we needed to on our tight timeline, while also keeping things loose enough to allow for spontaneity was a balancing act. There were too many special moments throughout this record and the process of making it to mention, but I can’t talk about it without talking about how important the influence of Nyles Spencer had on the sound of this album. This was the first project that I produced and didn’t engineer at the same time (aside from the vocals, some other overdubs, and the track Volcae), and I learned a lot from watching Nyles just doing his thing while engineering.

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Tom Meikle - Vocal, Guitar, Keys, Programming, Production
Jillian Sauerteig - Cello
Adrian Irvine - Viola
Amelia Fraser - Violin, Vocals, 
Jenna Gallagher - Violin
Zach Cockburn - Drums, Vocals
Connory Ballantyne - Field Recordings
Rowan Grice - Percussion
JoJo Worthington - Vocals,
Noa Southcott - Vocals
Jason Brum - Vocals
Will Crann - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Nyles Spencer - Engineering
Dylan King - Mastering

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