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I’ve been a David James Allen fan for a long time. His old band Stonetrotter was a big influence on me coming up in the Barrie music scene. He put out a few solo albums that he made on his own (which are great), until I finally was able to convince him to work with me. The first record we did together was 2021’s The Architect — the title track is a long time favourite of mine and was an interesting challenge to record because he had already released a previous version of it with Stonetrotter. The Architect was more raw sounding, a bit rougher around the edges in the most beautiful way, with a bit more twang. It was only a couple weeks after we submitted the final masters that David told me he had written another full album and was ready to track it, so back into the studio we went to start Another Day Older. This album is more polished, tighter in the low end. David croons and the arrangements are more sophisticated. 

Track NameArtist Name
00:00 / 01:04


David James Allen - Vocals, Guitar
Ben Lemen - Bass
Rob Drake - Drums
Jillian Sauerteig - Cello
Adrian Irvine - Violin
Thomas Hammerton - Keys

Will Crann - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Philip Shaw Bova - Mastering

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